Recently built NETME Centre (New Technologies for Mechanical Engineering) – a regional research and development centre at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Brno University of Technology – enables to perform a systematic research of professional laundry care process. Centre operates a unique laboratory – Laboratory of Energy Intensive Processes – combining a real laundry facility with capacity of 500 kg of linen per shift with superior research equipment. Research model of professional laundry care process is fully functional as a real laundry facility and will allow for analysis of the process and its optimization in authentic premises. Mission of the research team is to help an industrial process with minimization of wastes, high efficiency of energy utilization, minimum environmental impact, outstanding quality of the product and advanced stage of automation. This is the so called "laundry of the future". Introduced vision is supported with modern equipment, infrastructure, measurement system and related technologies.

Research & Testing facility

Infrastructure of our Lab integrates several instalments of laundry equipment and is a fully functional operation of industrial laundry facility with 500kg/shift capacity, which serves as a model of energy intensive process. Sophisticated infrastructure and data acquisition system allows measuring wide spectrum of physical entities and examining factors influencing energy intensity of processes, and relationships between these factors as well as effectiveness of various savings measures in real life facilities.

Laundry equipment

These are the core technological components available in the laboratory:

This machinery reflects equipment in recent laundry facilities with 500 kg per shift capacity. Technological equipment was further extended with necessary accessories such as manual ironer, sewing machine, transport trolleys, etc.

Universal experimental infrastructure

Flexible connection of all the above mentioned machines requires instalment of infrastructure. Steel structure is located in the laboratory and connects inlets for fluid flows, waste, exhaust, and elements for analysis of operational characteristics. 18 independent sites are located around this structure where various energy intensive appliances may be tested (e.g. reactors, dishwashers, sterilizers, etc.).

Technical specification of connections:

Measurement and data acquisition system

Professional laundry process involves implementation of energy efficient technologies; however, being lack of operational data is a common feature. Our Lab has a measurement system with far wider range of measurable quantities than common laundry facilities. In addition to the consumption monitoring, there are following meters installed in our laboratory:

Gas microturbine

Gas microturbine is also part of our Lab machinery and is used as a generator of dry air (up to 90 kW) and electrical energy (up to 28 kW). Microturbine will serve for testing of cogeneration in laundry service. Flue gas coming from turbines may be a drying medium in dryers.


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Vítězslav Máša, Ph.D.
Head of the Lab
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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
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